Road worker sues for compensation and wins, thanks to lawyer

Personal injury news roundup: 7 days ended 8 Jan 2013:

Thanks to help from his trade union’s personal injury lawyers, one ¬†badly injured road worker has recently prevailed on his work accident claim.

It was revealed this week that 35 year old Dean Ness, from Chesterfield, has received a personal injury compensation award for the personal injury at work he received whilst labouring on a darkened stretch of the A52 , injuring his ankle so severely that he needed rehabilitative surgery and missed three months of work. Mr Ness stumbled on the kerb as he had been putting cones on the road, tearing ligaments in his ankle.

Carillion Plc, Mr Ness’ employer, had received complaints from the injured man’s night shift colleagues prior to Mr Ness’ accident regarding the dangerous lack of lighting on that particular portion of the road. However, Carillion failed to listen to the needs of its own employees, instead choosing not to rig up any sort of temporary illumination in order to provide adequate light to Mr Ness and the rest of his fellow road workers.

Mr Ness’ ankle emerged with terrible bruises and swelling, yet the man tried his best to soldier on with the pain for several weeks. Finally it came abundantly clear that the injured man’s ankle was not healing properly, prompting him to seek medical help that saw him undergo a round of physiotherapy and led to his surgical procedure.

In the wake of his surgery, Mr Ness contacted his trade union, which instructed its personal injury lawyers to prosecute Carillion for neglecting to provide a safe working environment. Mr Ness’ employer admitted liability, settling out of court in a compensation payment in excess of ¬£8,000.

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