Lawyers win big for Suffolk postman injured on the job

Personal injury news roundup: 7 days ended 15 Jan 2013:

The personal injury lawyers of one Suffolk postman have recently secured him a personal injury compensation award from injuries he sustained whilst on the job.

Ipswich native Clive Davey, forty seven years old, had been issued with a brand new pair of work boots in 2007  before setting out on his appointed rounds for the Royal Mail. However, the postman slipped on a manhole cover less than an  hour into his rounds, which exacerbated an old shoulder injury and resulted in his becoming partially disabled.

Mr Davey is not the only postman to have suffered injuries or indignities due to the new footwear. In fact, he’s just one of fifteen other Royal Mail employees that have taken issue with the boots, though Mr Davey, who had heard that many of his colleagues had been running into issues with the new boots, only began wearing the footwear at the insistence of his manager.

Patrick Bitton, from Hampshire, was the first of the fifteen postmen to make personal injury claims against his employer for the injuries he received due to the dodgy boots. Mr Bitton suffered a fractured ankle as he was wearing the boots, resulting with a compensation award of £3,600 after a Winchester Crown Court hearing, while the fourteen other cases – which included Mr Davey’s shoulder injury – have since been resolved in out of court settlements.

In the wake of the footwear incident, a Royal Mail spokesman indicated that the boots in question are no longer being issued to postmen or other Royal Mail Staff, especially since footwear issued to staff are updated regularly. The spokesperson also said that the company held the safety of its employees as its top priority.

No figures have been announced on how much Mr Davey, or the rest of his colleagues, have received from their employer for their injuries.

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