Injured toddler’s parents seeking compensation on her behalf

Personal injury news roundup: 7 days ended 5 Feb 2013:

According to personal injury solicitor experts familiar with the case, the parents of an injured toddler are seeking compensation on her behalf.

Sophie Dedek, the nine month old child in question, suffered her injuries after a staff member at the Kids 1st Day Nursery slammed the door one one of her tiny little fingers. It was only little Sophie’s second ever time at the Newcastle upon Tyne-based nursery when the incident occurred.

Worse yet was that the nursery’s staff were so thick that they didn’t even realise how serious the little girl’s injuries were at the time. The toddler’s hand was wrapped up in a towel by one nursing staff member while a different one rang up the child’s dad, telling him that she’d suffered a little nick to her finger.

Sophie’s dad nearly lost his mind upon arriving to pick up his daughter, only to discover that poor little Sophie’s finger had been completely severed. He immediately rushed her to hospital, but medical staff were unable to reattach the digit; perhaps if staffers at the £900 a month  private crèche had kept the severed finger tip in better shape, which hey found just rolling about on the floor in the wake of the incident, things might have gone better for the infant.

Both Sophie’s mother and father have since made a personal injury compensation claim against the nursery on behalf of their maimed child, and rightly so. Of course, a nursery spokesperson has already begun to try spinning the incident in order to minimise the impression of their liability for the incident, remarking that nursing staff acted quickly to to follow any health and safety guidelines to the letter an to apply the proper first aid at the time.

The spokesperson also made it a point to add that nursing staff did indeed call an ambulance, only to have the operator deem it unnecessary in an obvious attempt to squirm away from the chopping block.

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