Solicitors hard at work making claims for injured Brits

Personal injury news roundup: 7 days ended 19 Mar 2013:

It seems like personal injury solicitors have been having a field day recently with the number of accident claims being made left and right.

First up, I just read how a golf spotter has made a personal injury compensation claim against a golfer whose golf ball hit him in the eye and partially blinding him, if you can believe that. I suppose golf isn’t quite as relaxing and safe a sport as I thought!

The poor sod struck by the ball, David McMahon, had been Working the Scottish Amateur Champion of Champions competition at Levan Links at the time of the accident, had been on the 6th hole. Mr McMahon was tending to a pair of golfers that had strayed from a path, only to be struck in the eye on his way back to his golf buggy by Gavin Dear, a golfer that had been coming down the 6th hole.

Mr McMahon’s right eyeball actually suffered a traumatic rupture, which is most likely just as gruesome as it sounds considering that it permanently blinded him in that same eye! To his credit he has since sought legal advice and is asking for a £50,000 compensation award.

Meanwhile you’ve got to look out for more than just golfers, especially if you frequent beauty salons, as I just read how one woman has brought a personal injury claim for the allergic reaction she suffered after being fitted with a set of false eyelashes. They were Jane Rolfe’s first ever set, yet the morning after they were fitted in Brentwood’s Debut Beauty Salon, the woman awoke with more than just a bit of soreness in the eyes – only to be told by salon staff that it would go away on its own.

Now, you don’t need me to tell you that it didn’t go away on its own. In fact, things got much worse, which prompted Mrs Rolfe to have to call on her GP and start a regime of antihistamines and steroids to remedy the situation.

Making matters worse was the fact that the poor woman was in so much pain that the salon couldn’t possibly remove her false eyelashes. Instead, the woman had to remove them by herself, only to end up suffering from soreness and impaired vision that lasted until a visit to a specialised eye hospital, where the staff there provided her the treatment she so sorely needed.

I hope Mrs Rolfe sues the pants off the salon after having been subjected to such an ordeal! Hopefully her personal injury lawyers will be skilled and experienced enough to prevail on her behalf and earn her that compensation award she so richly deserves.

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