Lawyers work hard for severely injured claimants

 Personal injury news roundup: 7 days ended 11 June 2013:

When you’re seriously hurt, you need a good personal injury solicitor – especially when you’re left with massive, life-changing injuries.

Still, there’s plenty of bad press where people will wail and gnash their teeth about the so-called ‘compensation culture’ and how personal injury lawyers are winning claimants massive multi-million pound personal injury compensation awards – but the truth is that if you’re injured that badly you deserve every last penny because your life as it used to be is more or less completely over. There’s not one but two examples of this in the news this week, what with a pair of claimants that were awarded more than £1 million in damages after making successful accident claims.

First is the case of 19 year old Rebecca Coles, who was left with catastrophic injuries while riding an inflatable ring. She collided with a a boat as she was being towed down the River Orwell in Suffolk and was left with such a bad head injury that she’s got vision and hearing problems, not to mention a host of other issues – in fact a piece of her skull actually needed to be removed in order to facilitate her recovery.

As a result of her injuries, she was awarded a compensation package in excess of £1.3 million, and she’s going to need every scrap of that compensation payment in order to live anything approaching a normal life – it’s not like she’s going to be going on long holidays down at the beach now is she? Likewise will the £10 million compensation payment another man recently received in the wake of an horrific road traffic accident where he was struck by a Catholic priest that then attempted to flee the scene.

James Kennedy had been in Rome at the time of the accident where he was working as a recruitment consultant when the priest struck him, leaving him so injured that he was actually left in a coma for almost an entire year! The poor man has absolutely crippling injuries in the wake of the massive injury, but at least now he doesn’t have to worry about finding a way to pay for all his medical needs, which are incredible, as the compensation will last for the rest of his life, thank goodness!

So think about the consequences for people who have been injured in accidents in the past before opening your mouth about the UK’s compensation culture. Without personal injury lawyers, these poor injured would end up having a horrid, miserable life through no fault of their own!

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