Lawyers work round the clock for their injured clients

Personal injury news roundup: 7 days ended 9 July 2013:

Personal injury lawyers have been working round the clock for their clients lately, especially in situations where damages are quite warranted.

I understand that quite a few of you out there may think that most injury lawyers are just ambulance chasers working overtime to do nothing but create a so-called ‘compensation culture’ here in the UK, but don’t forget that there are shedloads of good solicitors out there too. If you need some evidence of that, he’s a news story that surfaced this week where one mum has been awarded personal injury compensation for the nasty burn her young son suffered on his leg when a nursery worker tripped, spilling scalding hot chicken fat on the lad.

Staff at Leeds-based Kids Academy in Holt Park originally told Katie Brewster that her son Harrison spilled some soup on himself, causing the burn. However the truth soon came out: it wasn’t Harrison’s fault at all but actually a nursery assistant that spilled a cooked chicken dish on the poor boy, causing quite severe second-degree burns on his leg.

Can you imagine? First allowing an accident like that to happen, then trying to cover it up by blaming the child himself. I’d be hopping mad if the same happened to my child, and Mrs Brewster did the only right thing: she took legal advice and sued the bloody pants off the nursery.

Well, there’s a happy ending here, as the insurance company for the nursery admitted liability for Harrison’s injuries. The incensed mum just walked out of Leeds County Court this week with a sizable settlement, and the nursery deserves every bit of scorn they’ve gotten for trying to pull such a fast one.

Speaking of pulling a fast one, there’s another case of a company dragging its feet in the wake of a very serious incident; one gas company is facing appeals from the surviving family members of a man who fell victim to an asbestos-related illness who died from cancer.

82 year old Charles Passmore finally succumbed from asbestos-related cancer last year. The former South West Gas stoker most likely came into contact with the substance during the course of his work in Swindon and Barnstaple, where he worked for over a decade, but South West Gas’ successor company, National Grid, has yet to investigate the matter themselves.

Instead the firm has remarked that if Mr Passmore’s family would only contact them directly, they’d look into the matter. How much would you like to wager that the family’s injury solicitors are going to contact National Grid shortly, eh?

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