Had a tumble at the Tube station? Call a lawyer!

Personal injury news roundup: 7 days ended 16 July 2013:

So here’s some news that will have UK injury solicitors queueing up: it turns out that London’s Underground is unsafe for both passengers and employees alike!

Tube stations are absolute death traps, from what I can understand based on a new Freedom of Information request that was just filled. The headline is that there were so many accidents and injuries across the Underground’s many stations that in excess of £2.5 million has been paid out to disgruntled passengers over the past four years – and that’s to say nothing about the injuries that have gone unreported!

Last year there were an astonishing 3,471 injuries, with the lion’s share being slips and trips. This is around 200 more over injury figures from 2011, according to the official figures, and the most dangerous station was Kings Cross St Pancras, where no less than 147 passengers ended up injuring themselves in 2012 – and a sum of 661 from 2009 !

So why in the world have Tube stations become so dangerous and become bait for no win no fee injury solicitors? Well, the Road Transport Union says it’s because railway workers are suffering under the yoke of austerity measures such as budget cuts, leaving stations woefully understaffed. This has had a terrible knock-on effect, and not just when it comes to keeping stations safe for passengers: railway workers are getting injured more than before as well due to the lack of proper budgeting.

A terrible and tragic example of this is how one worker, a 32 year old man that had been working alongside two master electricians, was caught in a massive explosion when it turned out the cable they were working on hadn’t been isolated properly. The poor bloke suffered 30 per cent burns to his upper chest, throat and face, and they were so bad he was placed in a medically-induced sedation for 10 weeks as doctors in the burn unit laboured to graft new skin to the affected areas.

Thankfully the man has recently been awarded a massive personal injury compensation award of at least six figures, from what I understand. Still, it’s not much of a balm for the now permanent disfigurement the man has to live with for the rest of his life; on top of that he’s got breathing problems and needed speech therapy to learn how to cope with the damage the explosion caused to his vocal cords, and all because budget cutbacks have left railway workers understaffed and overworked.

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