The bane of honest solicitors everywhere gets wiped out

Personal injury news roundup: 7 days ended 30 July 2013:

Oh happy day: new figures have just been revealed this week that the number of claims management companies has gone down by a massive margin since the reforms.

If you ask me, claims management companies have been giving the legal industry a bad name for years, especially when there are so many absolutely brilliant and compassionate personal injury solicitor firms out there that work so hard to make sure the injured end up with the compensation they deserve. Well, imagine my glee to learn this week that according to official figures, there are some 700 fewer CMCs operating in the UK today in the wake of reforms that have been sweeping the legal sector.

The writing has been on the wall for a while when it came to CMCs, as their underhanded and hard-selling tactics often led people to believe that they were responsible for a large number of the spurious personal injury claims that were made every year. Most CMCs were run like accident claim mills, churning out as many as possible in an effort to throw everything at the wall to get at least a few to stick ¬†and did nothing but reinforce that old stereotype about ‘ambulance-chasing’ personal injury lawyers.

And let’s be honest: most Brits do think that legal proceedings such as car accident claims do little but simply make it more expensive to insure a motor vehicle. In fact, a new study was published this week by a major comparison website that revealed 66 per cent of respondents felt that there were just a few bad apples ruining it for everyone in the form of people making those spurious claims for minor or even nonexistent injuries.

Luckily, the survey also found that only 6 per cent of British motorists would make personal injury claims in the wake of a road traffic accident that left them with little to no injury, ostensibly to try to reap the rewards of a high-ticket compensation claim. I swear if I find anyone I know engaging in such behaviour I’m going to give them a stern talking-to.

Or perhaps I’ll just ask them to pay my annual insurance premium instead, considering how they’ve been pocketing my money indirectly. I mean I pay my insurer just like everyone else, and then insurers have to turn around and take all the cash they collect from their customers and pay out on injury claims! I want my damn money back!

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