Councils under fire from the injured

Personal injury news roundup: 7 days ended 13 Aug 2013:

Local authorities have been facing withering fire lately from personal injury solicitors looking to represent the interests of their hurt clients.

It’s hard, trying to exact personal injury compensation from a local council; you could have the best injury lawyers in the world yet you could still face an uphill battle. This is exactly what’s happening to one poor pensioner who slipped on some pavement outside her home – her local authority has refused to accept any responsibility for her injuries.

Cambridgeshire County Council has clammed up when it comes to the personal injury claims made by 72 year old Margaret Burns, despite the fact that she suffered long-lasting and painful injuries to her hip, back and foot. The elderly pensioner claims that she injured herself when she lost her footing on gravel that the county council had spread on a nearby residential drive, but the council’s insurers have said that there’s no way she’s getting even a penny because the roads were supposedly inspected regularly by the local authority.

Now if you ask me this sounds like a load of bollocks on the part of the insurer. You’re telling me that the gravel just managed to miraculously materialise under the poor woman’s feet like that? No, it ended up on the pavement because it had been used on the roadways – and if the county council had been making ‘regular’ inspections, wouldn’t council workers have been dispatched to keep the pavements clear?

I’m quite sympathetic to Mrs Burns and I hope she can get the county council to help her out. I swear it’s like these people just don’t care about members of the public even a little bit.

At least things are a bit different in Essex County Council, where the local authority has been making good on claims made by pupils and staff injured on the premises of north Essex schools. Ironically most of these injuries are slips and trips – just like the one Mrs Burns suffered from – but here there seems to be some accountability at least!

The county council recently released some official figures as to what sort of injuries occurred and, in some cases, even revealed the amount of compensation awarded. Employees at infant schools have been awarded sums of £500 after having to weather an assault by a pupil in one case, while another ended up hurting themselves whilst attempting to demonstrate an aerobics move on a wet patch of grass. At least there’s someone getting compensated here in this case!

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