You just can’t keep a good injury solicitor down

Personal injury news roundup: 7 days ended 3 Sept 2013:

Even in a climate of intense scrutiny and outright hostility, personal injury solicitors are valiantly standing their ground against their detractors.

In fact, The Law Society just won a major victory after it was accused that a new advertising campaign it had run was allegedly in breach of the code of the Advertising Standards Authority. Apparently the story goes that there was a ‘Don’t Get Mugged’ advert campaign that ran through some of July and much of August – and its content ruffled more than a few feathers.

It’s funny because all the advert really did was urge people that had been in accidents to turn to personal injury lawyers instead of settling up with an insurer directly. However, someone got their knickers in a twist, which resulted in four complaints being made to the ASA that the advert campaign was derogatory towards insurers.

Of course, the ASA found upon examining the issue that the complaints were absolutely rubbish, and it told the Law Society that it was safe from any sort of recriminations. Honestly if you ask me someone got a bit too hot under the collar by the advert campaign, considering how there might be more than just a grain of truth in the idea that insurers are out for your hard-earned cash; methinks someone doth protest too much, for what it’s worth.

Not only did The Law Society prove that its adverts were fair, other individual solicitor firms are standing up and speaking out against the actions of insurers lately as well. In fact, one personal injury law firm has even been so bold to call for a public apology from the car insurance sector after it was revealed yet again how a major insurer saw a massive increase in profits.

If you don’t have a car insurance policy with Admiral, you probably know someone that does. It’s the second largest insurer in the UK, and it’s just revealed how it just saw first half profits increase by 6 per cent year-on-year, and that translates to nearly £10 million more in profits.

Yet in the same breath Admiral and the rest of the car insurance industry are always crying and going on about how their profit margins are so tight, especially because of the so-called ‘compensation culture’ gripping the UK. To that I say pull the other one, lads; nobody believes you any more!

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