Been in a car accident? Get in line.

Personal injury news roundup: 7 days ended 10 Sept 2013:

It seems like the world of personal injury has gone mad recently – especially when it comes down to road traffic accident news this week!

First up, if you’re a personal injury solicitor specialising in car accident claims, you’re going to be busier than ever thanks to the massive car crash in Isle of Sheppey. And when I mean massive, I don’t mean three or four cars and perhaps a lorry – no, I’m talking about well over 100 vehicles with at least that many individuals involved, many of whom are going to be looking to make personal injury claims.

The absolutely unbelievable pile up happened earlier this week on a particularly foggy morning. The total damage from the accident is likely to be upwards of £600,000 – and that’s not counting the 35 motorists that were injured badly enough to need a trip to hospital, or the 8 that were very seriously injured.

Of course insurers have absolutely lost their minds, remarking that they’re likely going to be closer to the tens of millions. This means of course that we’re all going to be hammered with higher premium payments come renewal time, but I’d rather deal with having to pay a few extra pounds instead of being in a 130-car pileup any day of the week and twice on Sundays!

Speaking of going absolutely mad, did you hear about the other incident involving a car crash recently? It might not be nearly as flashy as over a hundred cars in a massive heap on the side of the roadway, but it’s still noteworthy: a pair of siblings beat the tar out of another man after his wife was involved in a car accident with them.

Here’s a pair of winners for you: Devinder and Asher Swarnn confronted Harjinder Singh Dhanda in the aftermath of Mrs Dhanda and Miss Swarnn being involved in a bit of a prang together. Miss Swarnn had originally agreed to pay for the repairs to Mrs Dhanda’s car, but apparently she had a change of heart and enlisted the aid of her brother in attempting to intimidate Mr Dhanda into changing the particulars of their agreement.

When Mr Dhanda proved to be less-than-receptive to such bullying, the two siblings unleashed hell on the poor bloke by physically attacking him.  Of course this just made matters worse for the pair, as now they have some 100 hours of unpaid work to complete in order to pay their debt to society. If you ask me, I hope Mr Dhanda sues the pants off these two for their reckless, offensive behaviour!

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