Medical negligence grips Midlands and South London

Personal injury news roundup: 7 days ended 24 Sept 2013:

Either personal injury lawyers are getting better or medical staff are getting worse, because medical negligence claims are going through the roof.

In fact, if you were a medical negligence lawyer working in either Staffordshire or the Midlands last year,  you most likely had a banner year, considering how there were some £65,000 paid out in personal injury compensation every single day on average! That’s something like £23.6 million paid out by the NHS, and once you take into account things like court costs and legal fees, this total was even higher – around £34 million.

So what’s causing all the problems? Are Brits becoming more sickly? Perhaps its ambulance-chasing injury lawyers? No, most likely not – for what it’s worth the real culprit here is most likely overworked, exhausted hospital staff making sometimes life-changing or even fatal mistakes; medical staff – especially junior doctors – can work upwards of 100 hours a week thanks to the mismanagement of the NHS, so what do you expect when someone bollixes up some poor bastard’s medical procedure and amputates the wrong limb?

Speaking of surgical blunders, a consultant gynaecologist that worked just until previously at Sidcup’s Queen Mary’s Hospital, is in some potentially very hot water concerning some surgical practices he was engaged in over the past 10 years.

Rod Irvine had operated upon nearly 2,000 women during his tenure at the hospital. There’s a minimum of 66 women who have run into some very suspicious health problems that, barring Mr Irvine’s tender ministrations, may never have occurred in the first place. On top of that the South London Healthcare Trust has actually excluded Mr Irvine recently while a formal investigation is undertaken. This raises a red flag to me, and probably to all those poor women who are now wondering just what this man might have done to them whilst they were out on the operating table.

Could you imagine if the investigation bears fruit? What kind of person could we have here working on women that trusted his medical judgment and expertise? I can only hope that those poor women aren’t affected as badly as they fear they might have been – it’s bad enough to have medical issues but even worse when they’re just exacerbated by a bungling medical professional!

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