Millions leaving coffers of NHS and local authorities

Personal injury news roundup: 7 days ended 1 Oct 2013:

Whether it’s a local authority or it’s the NHS, it’s been bad news for taxpayers as millions of pounds flow out to pay for countless personal injury claims.

Now don’t get me wrong: I don’t think that personal injury solicitors are going around chasing ambulances or that people with legitimate injuries shouldn’t be awarded personal injury compensation – far from it. What I am saying is that there’s something wrong with the way these organisations are being administrated if there’s so much damned dosh leaking out from every available breach.

I mean let’s look at Leeds City Council, for instance! Did you know that the cost to the local taxpayer is £3 annually because of all the compensation claims made against the local authority? Well it’s true, according to a recent report – and the lion’s share of injuries stem potholes or slips, trips and falls. It’s gotten so bad that the council is looking into drafting local laws to cut down on the number of accident claims, which I think is rubbish – shouldn’t the focus instead be on rooting out the reasons these incidents are occurring and doing your best to stamp them out? Am I alone here in thinking this?

Of course, the legal bills for Leeds City Council pale in comparison to those faced by the NHS. In fact, it became known this week that a medical negligence claim for a little girl who suffered oxygen deprivation during her delivery wrapped up, with the family earning a lump sum payment of £1.96 million – and as much as £4.5 million in yearly payments.

Again I’m not going to say this little girl – who just turned ten years old – doesn’t need all the help she can get. She’s living with some serious, life-changing disabilities thanks to the injuries she suffered at birth, and needs round the clock care. No, what I’m upset about is how things like this keep happening in NHS hospitals. What is wrong with the medical staff in this country that these horrors keep occurring? Leave off the monetary cost – which is bloody great indeed – what about the human cost? Someone train these medical staff better so that they’re not bollixing up these procedures and destroying the lives of innocent Brits left and right.

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