Pavement pandemonium, local authorities pay through the nose

Personal injury news roundup: 7 days ended 8 Oct 2013:

Local authorities are being slammed left and right with personal injury compensation bids thanks to the sorry state of British pavements.

It’s a long-standing joke that sometimes walking the pavement in the UK can be more dangerous that walking down the centre of the roadway in the middle of heavy traffic, but if the personal injury claims being made on behalf of injured pedestrians by personal injury lawyers is any indication, there’s more than a kernel of truth here. In fact, London councils have ended up forking over a massive £6 million to blind Londoners alone over the past four years.

It’s gotten so bad in the nation’s capital that the blind fear for their personal safety, according to newly revealed research findings. Two out of three visually impaired Londoners say they fear for their personal safety thanks to the state of London’s footpaths, the survey says, and while pavement repair spending has gone up by 6.5 per cent throughout the last four years, overall complaints have rocketed upwards by a staggering 25 per cent!

Meanwhile, it turns out that London is just a drop in the bucket when you take the whole country into account. Additional research also revealed this week discovered that the amount of money paid out on successful personal injury claims has grown to £47 million!

Of course, this figure might be even higher, simply because not every local authority in the UK actually responded in time for their figures to be included in the research findings. Actually, a good half of councils didn’t get their data to the researcher in time, so Lord knows how high these costs might actually be.

If you ask me, this is absolutely reprehensible. Why in the world do we pay all these bloody taxes if we can’t keep the pavements in this country from being so damned dangerous? Where in the world is all the money going? Wouldn’t it be easier to take the £47 million that we’ve paid out to injured Brits and instead put it back into the country’s infrastructure by actually repairing the pavements in this country? I’ll wager that it would be much less expensive that way, but apparently there’s just not enough common sense when it comes to the fine upstanding citizens that sit on local councils – perhaps if they walked home once and a while it would become more apparent to these bastards?

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