So you think injury lawyers create fraud, eh?

I’m so tired of hearing how personal injury solicitors go around looking for spurious accident claims to pursue – especially when there are so many scammers!

Let’s be honest here for a moment: personal injury claims fraud is a significant problem right now, especially when it comes to whiplash claims. There’s a lot of money being paid out by insurers on whiplash injury, and a sizable percentage of these cases are likely fraudulent. Now, most people seem to think that injury solicitors go out and about, chasing ambulances and convincing weak-willed accident victims to make spurious whiplash claims, but there’s plenty of evidence that points to fraudsters acting on their own with no involvement with the legal community.

In fact there were not one but two stories in the news this week about how rogue fraudsters were hatching plans to engage in claims fraud. Luckily both of these nefarious schemes were derailed thanks to video footage, but neither of these cases involved innocent victims tricked into making accident claims by injury lawyers – these were bona-fide criminals.

First you had one thick bloke and three of his mates in a Ford Galaxy swerve across three lanes of traffic and slam his brakes on in front of a lorry, causing the vehicle to prang him from behind. Of course the one thing these four fools didn’t account for was the dashboard camera fitted to the lorry, which caught the whole thing. So much for their fraudulent claim!

Then there was the story about how a former policeman was caught trying to get away with a whiplash claim when he wasn’t injured at all. This particularly clever bloke went and fought in a professional heavyweight steel cage bout only 13 days following a collision that he classified as causing a severe case of whiplash, and someone filmed the whole thing. Again there was no injury lawyer involved – the decision was his and his alone to attempt this fraud.

So there you have it: plenty of evidence that Brits are greedy and stupid all on their own without the help of legal counsel. Perhaps next time you think about running your mouth about an ambulance-chasing lawyer you’ll remember this, eh? I’m not saying there aren’t good lawyers and bad lawyers out there, but let’s be honest: there are a lot more regular people out there than there are lawyers, so don’t be so quick to judge them all as bad apples when you’ve got rotting fruit on your own tree already.

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