So fraud is the fault of lawyers, right?

Everyone loves blaming injury solicitors for the rampant fraud in the injury claims sector, yet the biggest news stories this week are all about bad claimants.

These dirty scammers have been getting away with murder for far too long, all the while letting the blame shift from them to their hapless personal injury lawyers, yet the truth is that people are just bastards. Luckily, these people are getting caught left and right – much like Barbari Fari was caught.

The 59 year old was caught red-handed grossly exaggerating the injuries she received to her knee after she slipped on a bit of pavement. How much exaggeration? Well the 59 year old woman was pushing for £750,000 in personal injury compensation before an investigation discovered that she wasn’t experiencing nearly as much trouble walking as she claimed – and then the whole ordeal was exposed to the light of day. Fari was jailed for three months in order to rectify the situation – good riddance to bad rubbish, if you ask me!

Speaking of bad rubbish, there’s another news story this week about how one wheelchair-bound bloke was caught taking benefits for three years despite the fact that he had thousands saved up in the bank. David Hardaker took around £77,000 in compensation for an injury that was legitimate enough, but it’s funny how the Government tends to get a bit tetchy when it finds out you didn’t actually need the money.

Hardaker found himself landed in some serious hot water after the news came to light. Can you imagine? The bloke had close to £20,000 in the bank at one point, but his benefit payments were calculated without the knowledge of that cash. Well, guess what? Now he has to repay the Government for the money he took undeservedly.

Some £12,000 has already been returned to the Government by Hardaker, but tht’s just the tip of the iceberg. The man has decided to sell his house to help raise some more of that amount, and I don’t feel bad at all that it’s come down to that, considering it’s his own damned fault that he got himself in this situation. He couldn’t have possibly thought he’d get away with the whole thing, could he?Truth be told he’s already started to pay back what he owes, but he’s had to put his house up for sale to do it. I’d feel bad for him but I really can’t – the thick bastard brought this on himself and he’s got no one else to blame for the whole horrid affair. Maybe next time he’ll be a bit more honest, eh? Bloody idiot.

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