Sometimes it doesn’t matter how good your lawyer is

Personal injury news roundup: 7 days ended 26 Nov 2013:

A good personal injury solicitor can do wonders when you’re trying to get a defendant to pay out on your accident claim, but sometimes it’s just not enough.

When the personal injury compensation system works, it works quite well. Just look at how five Cambridgeshire teachers took home a combined £150,000 in damages last year for their injuries – it was a cut-and-dried case of an employer admitting responsibility for the injuries their employees suffered whilst on the job. Most of the injuries were slips and trips , though there was one staff member injured in an assault; regardless of the source of the injuries they occurred whilst these staff members were conducting their duties and were entitled to compensation as a result. Straightforward and simple,  just how I like it.

On the other hand, sometimes even the most straightforward-sounding case falls flat on its face – much like how Adam Glenister’s £1,000 claim for damage to his car after he hit a particularly nasty pothole fell on Essex County Council’s curiously deaf ears. The poor bloke ended up having to shell out the cash when his run-in with the pothole left the wheel tracking on his Audi A1 in poor condition and his alloy wheels perished, but because the local authority had surveyed the road recently and not found it in any particular state that needed repairs it denied Mr Glenister’s claim.

Of course, this whole thing unravels after it comes to light that ‘recently surveyed’ means ‘surveyed seven months prior to the accident.’ I don’t know about you, but seven months is a bloody long time – is it not reasonable to assume that in those intervening months the conditions of the road could have deteriorated to the point where potholes of the calibre that caused Mr Glenister’s claim could have been formed? Well obviously not, if you work for Essex County Council.

I wonder if council member believe any other insanities while we’re at it. Do they still wait patiently for Father Christmas to come down their chimney every year? If he did, he’d surely give them stockings filled with nothing but coal for being such stupid bastards.

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