The fickle face of the personal injury sector

Personal injury news roundup: 7 days ended 10 Dec 2013:

Sometimes, the personal injury sector can take one firm of injury lawyers to untold heights; other times it can bring them low. This week is no exception.

The personal injury compensation marketplace giveth and it taketh away, and sometimes it can appear to be capricious and somewhat cruel in its machinations. That’s what Paul Roberts learned recently, as his personal injury law firm headquartered in the North West of England, had to scale back on its innovatie and groundbreaking plans for an alliance of nearly 100 solicitor firms across England and Wales.

Mr Roberts had created the eLawyers initiave some time ago, hoping to entice ten firms each from nine regions across England and Wales to go all in with his idea of an advertising scheme that would gather up potential claimants and distribute them geographically to the member firms. Unfortunately the adoption of his incredibly ambitions scheme has stalled, and Mr Roberts has had no choice but to reduce his lofty goal to simply scrape up an alliance of the best and brightest in the North West instead.

It’s a shame, but sometimes things just don’t get off the ground. However, just to the north it’s a different story altogether, as another firm recently reported this week that it’s been absolutely soaring. Reporting a ‘record-breaking’ year, Digby Brown LLP said that its turnover has increased as well as its profits in a dazzling display of success! Good on you, lads – keep up the stellar work – and feel free to pass along some tips down south to poor Mr Roberts.

Of course there are some very marked differences between the way personal injury compensation claims are handled in Scotland when compared to England and Wales. This could be part of why Digby Brown has been so successful lately while Mr Roberts and his eLawyers idea ended up foundering on the rocks off the coast. It’s a shame that such geographical differences can wreak havoc with a man’s dreams; perhaps Mr Roberts should consider relocating his firm a bit further north? I wonder if Digby Brown is hiring new solicitors. It’s worth a try, isn’t it?

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