‘Compensation culture’ row set to start up once more

Personal injury news roundup: 7 days ended 17 Dec 2013:

The bogeyman of ‘compensation culture’ has raised its nasty head once more, putting personal injury lawyers in the crosshairs yet again.

You know it would just be so much easier if all the personal injury solicitors running around enticing otherwise honest Brits to bring all these spurious accident claims would just stop. I mean it’s obvious that all the problems our local authorities are facing is all due to the fact that there are all these duplicitous lawyers out there whipping hapless Brits into a frenzy. It could never be the fact that perhaps someone got legitimately injured and deserves to be compensated for their injury, could it?

Oh no, of course not – the £1.7 million that Worcestershire County Council has had to spend on personal injury claims over the past four years are all because there are an inordinate number of scammers and fraudsters being encouraged by injury lawyers. Every single one of those 3,300 claims were completely fabricated! So what if the county council has responsibility for all these roadways and parks and stretches of pavement and all those other areas that are open to the public and should be maintained by the council? It couldn’t possibly be due to the fact that there’s too many bloody potholes on Worcestershire roads, are there?

It’s not just Worcestershire, though. There’s a row up in Northern Ireland as well, with an SDLP MLA stating that the Department of Regional Development is paying altogether too much on personal injury compensation claims – to the tune of £20  million over the 2012-13 financial year. He even went as far as to call the runaway compensation a ‘gravy train’ that needed to be derailed before it was too late.

Now £20 million is an awful lot of money, isn’t it? Hey, I wonder something – do you think that the roadways in NI could have been kept in better shape last year for less than £20 million, or would it have cost more than that to keep things in good nick? If it’s the latter, maybe people should stop complaining and just be thankful that they were let off easy. If it’s the former – well that’s what you get for shirking your duty to your residents!

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