Injury solicitors continue to win big for claimants

Personal injury news roundup: 7 days ended 24 Dec 2013:

No matter the type of injury or accident, injury solicitors almost never fail to find the best personal injury compensation for claimants.

And this week has been no exception, either – if you’ve seen the news stories this week you’ve probably seen it already, but it’s a fantastic example: it turns out that an octogenarian pensioner who suffered a terrible fall at the Glengoyne Distillery near Killearn – a fall so bad that she fractured her ankle – ended up receiving £12,000 in damages for her personal injury claim. The poor woman had simply been on holiday when she tripped down the distillery’s stairs, and her injury left her with some long-lasting pain and mobility issues that her personal injury lawyers were able to parlay into the sizable sum she received.

Still, it could be much worse – much worse, like what happened to Toby Corps, an 11 year old native of Ashford, whilst he was on holiday with his own family. Several years ago he and his family had been in Tunisia when he took a dart to the eye!

Now as absolutely excruciating as a broken ankle is – and let’s not split hairs here, it’s positively horrid, such a bone fracture – I can’t even imagine the agony of getting a dart thrown at your eye. Toby went through it himself whilst his family was staying at a Tunisian hotel, thanks to the poor toss of another child, and he’s had to go through surgery for a cataract removal. Not only that, but the incident detached his retina as well!

Luckily, Toby’s family has finally had their day in court, thanks to the personal injury solicitor team they have working for them. It’s still early, but it looks like that Toby’s going to receive an absolutely fantastic compensation award of £50,000.

I’m not saying that it’s ever going to take away the memory of that horrific day when he ended up with that dart in his eye – let’s face it, nothing is going to ever erase that – but that’s a rather generous award. I’m sure it accounts for his mental and emotional pain and suffering as well as his physical agony; that’s only fair, in my opinion.

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