The accident prone line the pockets of injury lawyers

Personal injury news roundup: 7 days ended 14 Jan 2014:

It seems that the number of accident prone Brits seems to be reaching new highs, and the nation’s personal injury lawyers are working overtime as a result.

One of the biggest sectors that’s growing at such a bizarre rate happens to be the kinds of accident claims that are made by schoolchildren, if a new report can be trusted. Research indicates that more than £3 million has been spent by taxpayers on personal injury compensation claims in London, Birmingham and Manchester alone this year.

Now I’m no stranger to a few bumps and scrapes in my time as a pupil – even the most studious and bookish child can end up with scraped knees on more than one occasion – but I certainly don’t remember being so clumsy as to become injured to the point where I needed to make a claim for injury compensation! Then again, maybe conditions have deteriorated in these schools to the point where it’s much less safe than it was in the past – all I know is that the £3.3 million that’s been paid out is just the tip of the iceberg, as the rest of the schools in the UK are probably resulting in injuries that will end up just as costly – if not even more so!

Of course, there are more than just schoolchildren getting injured nowadays. In fact, one very high profile case that just came to my attention involved a car accident in Northern Ireland that injured one woman so severely that she could end up with a claim in the millions – £5 million to be exact!

Truth be told, the poor woman’s injuries were quite catastrophic, especially since they involved head trauma. Her injuries were severe enough to impair her thinking and decision making abilities, necessitating her to be under near-constant supervision – and I’m sure this could easily last the rest of her life, which is why the estimates are so high for what she could end up receiving. Those with an inside track on the case say that she’s likely to get a lump sum payment as well – now that’s a serious bit of cash!

Still, I’m sure she would much rather just be able to think clearly instead of having the £5 million – I know I would. Just goes to show you, it doesn’t matter how much money you get from a compensation claim if your life has been altered so completely!

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