Claimants victimised, but not by personal injury solicitors

Personal injury news roundup: 7 days ended 21 Jan 2014:

Everyone always seems to think that personal injury lawyers prey upon the injured by convincing them to bring spurious claims, but often that’s not the case!

In fact, there’s been a spate of new revelations this week that demonstrate this fact all too well, much to the detriment of anyone. The worst part, though, is definitely the source of this anguish for the injured: the very people that they should be able to trust implicitly, like doctors and police officers.

Don’t believe me? Look up PC Sugra Hanif, a police officer that just got hauled in for allegedly going through official police records, taking the names and phone numbers of residents that were involved in accidents, and then aggressively ringing them up and trying to convince them to bring a personal injury compensation claim in order to line her own pockets. You see, PC Hanif was receiving as much as £700 for each successful referral – and apparently money like that is better than serving the public as a member of the police force.

This is a perfect example of how it doesn’t take a personal injury solicitor to ruin the life of someone who’s been in an accident. Apparently the woman would ring up these injured people several times a day in order to try to browbeat them into bringing claims. I swear I can’t think of too many things that are more reprehensible than something like this.

Actually, I take that back – I certainly can think of something worse! In fact it’s pretty much as low as you can get – Shahid Ayyoub was recently convicted of having a case of roaming hands after he was found to have more or less fondling a woman in a doctor’s office under the guise of examining her for whiplash. Yes, that’s right – this man is a doctor. Not only that but he comes from a family of doctors, including several of his siblings. Two of his own children are even studying to go into the medical field, but apparently their father just doesn’t seem to be able to get his thrills anywhere but from his female patients.

So yes, the daft bastard got caught and now faces more or less public humiliation for his actions. For what it’s worth, he absolutely should be subjected to public ridicule, considering how he violated that woman’s complete trust – and who knows if this isn’t just the first patient who had the courage to come forward!

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