Payouts on injuries both large and small abound

Personal injury news roundup: 7 days ended 4 Mar 2014:

This week, the news is positively filled with stories about personal injury compensation amounts both impressively large and modestly small in comparison.

In fact, when it comes to modest personal injury claims, it turns out that 23 year old Dominic Zyntek from Coventry prevailed in his case after being injured badly by electrocution whilst on the Pride of Hull ferry. Mr Zyntek, a musician that been asked to play on the ferry with the rest of his covers band. Mr Zyntek ended up with horrific burns to his hands that precluded him from playing for a terribly long time; the massive electric shock also effectively destroyed his guitar as well.

Luckily, Mr Zyntek’s personal injury solicitors saw him compensated with £6,400 in damages. Personally I would have liked  bit more if it was me getting bloody electrocuted but then again I shouldn’t be greedy. Still it’s better than nothing, even if it is a bit of a modest award!

Of course if you’re looking for more weighty awards, why not try on the £40,000 for size that Ray and Marie Ferguson recently received?  All you need to do is have your child die in hospital after having her appendix removed. The death of nine year old Raychel Ferguson was ruled to be due to medical negligence.

Still, how much is a human life worth, especially the life of a child? Doesn’t this seem like a pittance to pay grieving parents, especially in light of how the NHS Trust admitted liability in the case according to court documents? It’s a bit of a travesty if you ask me, and the Trust should be ashamed at not only having the incident occur in the first place but also by offering such an insultingly low compensation award as well.

So I suppose that in the grand scheme of things the Fergusons would much rather have their child back instead of that  £40,000. Barring that, the NHS should pay much more dearly for their deadly mistake – especially a mistake they freely admit to have made! It’s bloody criminal if you ask me.

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