The gears of justice grind slowly but exceedingly small

Personal injury news roundup: 7 days ended 11 March 2014:

If there’s one thing that you know if you work in the personal injury compensation industry, it’s that injury claims can sometimes take forever to resolve.

Sadly this means quite a bit of the time that claimants can see years go by before actually receiving any compensation for their injuries. It doesn’t matter how good their personal injury solicitors, either – the legal system just takes bloody forever. That’s why it’s so nice to hear when someone finally gets the help they deserve in the wake of a bad injury – and the news has been filled with this particular good news as of late.

One of the most high-profile cases involves a 49 year old man, a former welder, who was crushed under a metal jack whilst on the job. He was injured so badly that he has permanent nerve damage in his face – the kind that leaves him in constant, agonising pain – and he now can’t go out in public without protecting his face from further harm behind a plastic mask. The poor bloke even needed five separate surgeries to repair his shattered eye socket . In other words he most definitely earned the £500,000 in damages his personal injury lawyers won for him just recently. With any luck some of that cash will go towards experimental procedures to disrupt the nerve pathways between his face and his brain in order to relieve some of that constant pain he’s been suffering from since the grisly injury.

Sometimes the good news can be bittersweet though, especially when it comes to this next story revolving around the family of a couple whose life changed forever on holiday several years ago. June and Martin Vann were enjoying a nice holiday in the south of Portugal when the idyllic scene was shattered by a speeding driver, leaving June with incredibly debilitating brain injuries that left her unable to care for herself and with a wildly altered personality. Even more tragically, her husband Martin was killed instantly by the driver, leaving the adult children of the pair, Julia and Alex, trying in vain to get justice for their slain father and their debilitated mother.

This has been incredibly difficult because of one reason: the motorist who struck the the pair has been staunchly denying liability for years now, despite the fact that in the aftermath of the accident he indeed did say that it was his fault. It’s been an uphill battle for the past three years in fact, arguing with courts that anyone driving at 60mph where there were pedestrians nearby was obviously not that concerned with the safety of others. Luckily though a High Court judge has finally ruled in favour of the June and her children, declaring that the motorist did indeed have liability for the accident – and this means the accident claim can finally proceed.

I can only hope that they throw the book at this miserable bastard that was behind the wheel at the time. My heart breaks for that poor family, losing one parent and having another effectively crippled because of one man’s inability to act like a normal human being. I’m sure the family will get a nice compensation award, but I’m sure they’d give it up for just another day as an intact family.

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