Time to put the ambulance chasing injury lawyer myth to rest

Personal injury news roundup: 7 days ended 22 April 2014:

It’s finally happened: enough evidence has been unearthed that makes it nearly impossible to complain about ‘ambulance chasing’ personal injury solicitors.

In fact, there’s a pair of new reports that blow the whole argument that personal injury lawyers are drumming up spurious claims in order to turn a profit right out of the water. I have to say I’m filled with glee that I get to reveal them to all those smug bastards who think they’re going to eradicate the so-called ‘compensation culture’ by taking the piss out of injury lawyers, and to be honest it’s about bloody time that I get a chance to do this!

First up is a new report that the vast majority of those bringing work accident claims suffer loss of earnings either directly because of their incident or complications following it. 81 per cent of survey respondents revealed that they suffered enough lost earnings or other related costs that the only way to make themselves whole or at least ease their financial burden was to seek personal injury compensation from their employer or the responsible party. In other words, claimants actually need this money to pay their bills, not because some lawyer convinced them to bring a claim. So there!

Meanwhile the second report released this week – this one from the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers – revealed that the number of claimants is nowhere near the number of accidents that occur at work. In fact, less than 2 out of every 10 actually receive compensation of some kind following an accident, even if the injuries they suffered were the fault of someone else.

So what’ stopping these people? Sadly there are plenty of personal injury law regulations that preclude many individuals that would otherwise have valid claims from bringing one. Interestingly enough these laws are supported by entities such as insurance companies, since fewer claims means less payouts – and that translates into higher profits. Who cares if people are sick or injured because of work conditions? We’ve got to think of the bottom line for our shareholders! Bloody tyrants.

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