Personal injury solicitors go to work to bring needed solace

Personal injury news roundup: 7 days ended 24 June 2014:

Plenty of people will roll their eyes at the part personal injury solicitors play in society but sometimes they can come to the rescue of those that need it.

In fact, in the most high-profile case that was publicised this week – an incident that has peeled back and laid bare the terrible details surrounding a vicious child predator that worked at a high-profile London school for years without being caught – personal injury lawyers are playing a major role in providing at least some cold comfort to the families of the children this monster abused.

Southbank International School had employed William Vahey, a convicted paedophile from America, for several years. Whilst he worked at the elite private school he did terrible things to some 60 children, according to the grisly evidence, and while the sick, cowardly bastard went and took his own life after he was caught red-handed trying to repeat his performance at a Nicaraguan school, reparations for the pain and suffering he has left in his wake has fallen squarely on the shoulders of Southbank – and if you ask me, the school bears full responsibility for employing this horrid monster as a teacher for years.

The school is easily going to be slapped with enough personal injury claims to exceed £1 million in the end, experts say, based on the fact that the typical award for instances such as this range from £30,000 to as much as £30,000 per person. With a possible 60 personal injury compensation cases coming the school’s way, they’re in some very hot water – and for what it’s worth I hope they get wrung out for every last penny they have.

Will any amount of money ever restore the innocence and sanity of a child that’s been victimised in this way? Of course not. I’m sure each and every one of the parents of these poor schoolchildren would much rather have their child’s psyche intact instead of the cash. However, when it comes to putting the shattered life of an abused child back together, the ability to provide for the child’s needs in order to give them the time and attention needed to heal can, sadly, often be dependent on vast sums of money. Any family that ends up the recipient of a hefty damages award can at least rest easy that they will be able to afford whatever help their child needs to restore some semblance of sanity to their lives after being victimised so brutally and completely.

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