Sometimes the personal injury compensation sector is bizarre

Personal injury news roundup: 7 days ended 1 July 2014:

If there’s anything you can count on, it’s that sometimes things just go completely awry… and the personal injury compensation sector is no different.

This week the news reports were positively jammed with two stories that are the exact opposite – and are also the complete reverse of how things in a fair and just world would work out. They involve an innocent pensioner suffering grave injuries and having her personal injury claims denied and a drug dealer that is soon to be the recipient of a massive award after he was in a debilitating car accident.

Yes, you read that right: the poor, sweet old pensioner won’t even get her day in court, as her local authority has completely denied her ability to even entertain a personal injury claim, even as the drug dealer – who had something like 240g of cannabis in his jacket – is told he’s cleared to find a ┬ápersonal injury solicitor and make a road traffic accident claim for what could easily be hundreds of thousands of pounds. It’s stories like this that make people’s blood boil – mine included of course – at the sheer injustice in this world.

I really don’t know how things like this happen, except perhaps God has a decidedly wicked and ironic sense of humor. It was certainly no laughing matter when poor Trixie Offord tripped and fell over a pothole that Bucks County Council had classified as not significantly deep or wide enough to cause damage two weeks beforehand. Mrs Offord broke her wrist, damaged her face, and was obviously rattled by the whole experience only to be told that she essentially couldn’t have possibly hurt herself on that pothole because some stuffed shirt measured it as too shallow to cause harm. Bollocks to that, I say!

Meanwhile Sean Delaney, who had been riding in the passenger seat of his friend and fellow drug dealer’s Mercedes 500SL, ended up in a coma after a particularly nasty RTA. He broke bones all throughout his body, punctured a lung, and ended up with bleeding in the brain as well. The bloke has permanent, life-changing injuries as a result. Normally I’d just say, ‘well that’s what you get for dealing drugs you bloody berk’ and call it a day, but apparently the courts feel otherwise, clearing his way to make a compensation claim against the driver’s insurance company. What a mixed-up, unjust world!

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