Insurers go to war with injury lawyers, show up unarmed

Personal injury news roundup: 7 days ended 23 Mth 2013:

Sometimes you have to hand it to the insurance industry: they’re so keen to get one over on personal injury lawyers that they’ll go to war with them unarmed.

You probably remember last week when there was a major furore over major insurer Aviva sticking its neck out and proclaiming that the cure for whiplash claims fraud would be to stop paying personal injury compensation awards in cash and simply pay for rehabilitation for the injured. Most people with half a brain were quick to point out how daft a plan that was, simply because there’s no real way to rehabilitate yourself from a whiplash injury besides just letting it heal naturally. In other words, Aviva doesn’t want to pay even a penny towards anyone suffering from the kind of debilitating pain a whiplash injury can result in; it’s just another way the insurer can throw a spanner in the works of their great enemy, the personal injury claims industry.

Meanwhile Aviva took another step this week, practicaslly pleading with the Ministry of Justice to publicly consult on their oh-so-brilliant plan. Anything to stop them from having to pay lawyers fees when they lose a claim! Honestly it’s petty. Meanwhile it turns out that the ‘shedloads of cash’ the company is supposedly losing is actually not that much at all, based on the fact that the number of Brits injured in accidents that actually decide to bring accident claims is minuscule based on a recent research study.

That’s right: YouGov found out that around 25 per cent of injured Brits actually go ahead and make a claim against an insurance company. Not only that but this 25 per cent figure actually dropped over the course of the last year! In other words, nobody’s flooding the courts to get a pound of flesh from Aviva. There is no vast conspiracy on the part of lawyers to send the insurer into the poorhouse, no matter how completely paranoid and barmy the company gets. It might be the largest insurer in the UK, but it’s also the most insane as well if you ask me!

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