Don’t you ever blame lawyers on injury claims fraud again

Personal injury news roundup: 7 days ended 12 Aug 2014:

The jury is no longer out: personal injury lawyers have no role in fraud when it comes to personal injury claims – that honour goes to idiotic claimants.

If there’s one row that’s longer-lasting than who’s responsible for all the personal injury compensation fraud in the UK, you’re unlikely to find one. Maybe the whole ‘chicken or the egg’ question might have been raging for longer, but not with as much fervor as this one. On one side stand insurers who level their accusatory fingers at personal injury solicitors, whilst on the other side it’s the lawyers saying, ‘don’t look at us, mate; it’s the bloody claimants.’ Well guess what? It’s definitely the bloody claimants. What’s even better – the majority of them are so stupid that they get caught left and right.

Don’t believe me? Fine, I’ll let the news stories this week speak for themselves when it comes to the pillocks we’ve got in the UK trying to commit fraud. First there’s the story of how a man and a woman old enough to know better decided to try to get one over on a car hire firm, only to be found out in one of the most ludicrous of ways.

It turns out Steven Phillips, 62, and his 57 year old step-sister Terrina Downes had concocted a ridiculous plan to bilk a car hire firm for damages related to whiplash claims by staging an accident in a remote location. Of course, when Phillips hired the van he didn’t realise that the owner had a GPS device fitted to the vehicle so it could be tracked – and when Phillips reported the ‘accident’ happening at a certain place, the whole plot unraveled when the GPS indicated it had happened miles away. Needless to say there will be no compensation claim for these two.

Not stupid enough? Well what about this one: Kyle Denton ended up getting in a punch-up one night after having a few too many at his local and did some awful damage to his hand – enough to require some pins. The chavtastic chap went on to post about how he got his hand injured on Facebook and even posted a picture of it to go along with it, only to then go to his local council to look for some compensation because he ‘tripped on a pothole’. His council thought it was a bit suspicious, and they were right once they uncovered the idiot’s Facebook status. Guess who’s gotten himself into hot water as a result?

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