Tragedy and comedy behind the wheel of a vehicle

Personal injury news roundup: 7 days ended 9 Sept 2014:

Personal injury solicitors often have to deal with the deepest of tragedies as well as farcical nonsense when it comes to road traffic accident claims.

This week’s news cycle illustrates this point all too well, as first we have the story of a tragic and seemingly unavoidably lethal RTA on the one hand and then a particularly dim and thick criminal who was supplementing his personal injury compensation award by selling cannabis – until he was caught.

Last year there was a rather tragic accident in Clifton involving a 94 year old pensioner and a police vehicle. The inquest was this week and enough evidence was heard that the PC driving the vehicle, who had been pursuing someone suspected of driving without insurance, had no way to avoid the poor man as he pulled out into traffic ahead of her and causing an accident that saw him pass away in hospital from complications. Criminal charges aren’t being filed, but there is a pending personal injury claim against Nottinghamshire Police on behalf of the man’s family. I can only hope that some solace can be found in such a dire situation – it’s simply tragic no matter how you approach it.

Of course the other tale is astonishing in its stupidity, and a stark contrast to the tragic loss of life. A 26 year old man, who had received a rather comfortable personal injury compensation award in the wake of his motorcycle accident because he apparently had become too injured to work for a living, had been collecting benefits even as he turned to a life  of crime. Apparently the bloke was having a good go of it before police stopped him in a random search, as they discovered around £700 in cash on the man in addition to around £15 worth of cannabis.

Acting on their suspicions, the police later raided the bloke’s flat and discovered that he had nearly 93 grams of cannabis in his possessions. For those of you at home like me that don’t know how much that was worth, it’s around £1,000 or so, and it’s obvious that anyone with that much had some intent to sell it on to pocket the proceeds.

Miraculously, the fool didn’t end up in prison. Instead his sentence was suspended for a year, provided he performs some unpaid work and attends a rehab programme. Oh and he’s out £100 in surcharge fees. What a rotten, lucky bastard.

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