Scammers caught red-handed faking personal injury claims

Personal injury news roundup: 7 days ended 14 Oct 2014:

In news that makes me absolutely giddy with glee, I can happily report that more scammers are getting caught red-handed as they try to fake accident claims.

Fraud is a serious problem when it comes to personal injury claims, simply because it does more than make injury lawyers look bad. Since most personal injury compensation is paid out by insurance companies, fraudulent claims end up costing insurers millions – and the end result is that these insurers end up hiking up premium payments for law-abiding folk like you and me to recover their costs.

One of the bigger ticket items when it comes to insurance fraud has been whiplash claims, and that makes the next story so sweet to me: fraudsters trying to get away with a £75,000 crash for cash whiplash claim got shut down hard when they decided to try to victimise the driver of a lorry that just so happened to have a dashboard-mounted camera. Needless to say that when the authorities surveyed the footage it became clear that the so-called ‘injured parties’ had caused the crash themselves, putting a very quick end to their bid for cash. Fit every vehicle on the road with these dashcams I say, regardless of the privacy issues this may raise; we could wipe out car accident claims fraud overnight!

Of course scammers don’t have to get behind the wheel to perpetrate claims fraud. In fact it’s easy to claim you were hurt by tripping over a bit of uneven pavement or that you slipped on the wet floor of your local Tesco in an attempt to fake a personal injury claim. However, these bastards aren’t getting away with such activities scot-free any more either, especially since reports have emerged that the City of London is cracking down on the practice by letting the police’s Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department take a crack at any suspicious activity.

The IFED has been especially busy as of late, as it was revealed that they just collared 11 scammers who had attempted to pull the wool over the eyes of insurers on fake slip and trip claims. It warms the very cockles of my cold, calloused heart to hear of such wonderful news, I tell you; I can only hope that even more of these bastards are caught in the future.

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