Live in Lincolnshire? Hope you have a good injury lawyer

Personal injury news roundup: 7 days ended 21 Oct 2014:

If there’s one place in the UK that requires you to have a good personal injury lawyer before living there, it’s undoubtedly got to be Lincolnshire.

Think I’m just taking the piss? I’m not – it turns out that there was something like £150,000 spent by the local council in 2013 due to pothole-related damage. Think that was bad? Last year was almost just as bad with around £133,000 in accident claims made against the council. That’s right: the roads are so bad in Lincolnshire that they’re costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of pounds a year.

It will come as no surprise to anyone that last year saw Lincolnshire awarded the dubious honor of the pothole capital of Britain by Britannia Rescue. Things show no indications of getting better any time soon, and local councilors blame it on a lack of funds to fill in the thousands of potholes across the county. Though that raises a question from me: if there’s no money, where’s the cash for these personal injury compensation payouts coming from? Don’t you think that spending the money on road repairs instead of on court costs and legal fees might cut down on these ridiculous personal injury claims just a bit?

Apparently it’s been a generational problem, as councilors say Lincolnshire has been critically under-funded for decades when it comes to infrastructure improvements. As a result, pavements and rods just keep crumbling to dust, leading countless motorists and pedestrians alike to hurt themselves or damage their vehicles. Not only that but another cold winter is likely to be on its way, and that means the already ruined roads are going to just deteriorate further. There’s no way that the council is going to be able to raise the £5.5 million it needs to qualify for the same figure in matched funds the Government is offering it.

The end result is rather grim. Eventually Lincolnshire’s roads are going to degrade to the point where local residents will be better off trotting about in a horse and buggy instead of behind the wheel of a motor. I’m sure that even the ancient roads in England from before the fall of the Roman Empire were in better shape then – and for all intents and purposes are probably in better shape now!

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