Nobody likes having to deal with multiple injury claims

Personal injury news roundup: 7 days ended 11 Nov 2014:

Whether it’s just a handful of personal injury claims or an unending avalanche of them, even having to deal with just one can seriously ruin your day.

Nothing’s worse than being involved in a personal injury compensation claim, especially for private trusts and local authorities. The bigger the pockets on an organsiation – and the more responsibility they have – the more they seem to get hit by claims and those ubiquitous personal injury solicitor fees. It’s happening right now with Essex County Council, as the local authority is facing down some 15 individual claims for injuries related to slips and trips in Brentwood High Street.

The country council is already out of some £7 million in costs for its controversial decision to ‘fix’ the street, as doing so managed to take the piss out of many local residents back in 2009 when the refurbishment initially took place. Well, now it’s even worse with the double handful of claims the council now has to deal with.

Meanwhile it could always be worse. How worse you ask? Well let me tell you: imagine that you were in charge of Jimmy Savile’s estate and you had some 160 claimants beating down your door because of the man’s supposed proclivities. Yes, that’s right, there are 160 possible claimants waiting to get a piece of the old man now that he’s dead and gone – and after spending 84 years on the planet it seems old Jim sure did ‘fix’ quite a few people – and not in a good way!

It’s gotten so bad that a High Court judge had to order a compensation fund st up for the man’s supposed victims. This has of course made the managers of Savile’s estate practically apoplectic, especially since claimants are emerging from the shadows like circus clowns from a Volkswagen Beetle. The worst thing is Savile is safely out of reach, considering how he’s pushing daisies. Would he be contrite? Embarrassed? Quivering with righteous indignation at all the allegations? We can only wonder, I suppose. I’d like to think that Savile would tell all his detractors to jog on, proclaiming his saintly innocence until the very last even in the face of overwhelming evidence, but that’s just me.

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