Government needs to tackle no win no fee lawyers

The Government needs to take on no win no fee lawyers that are driving the compensation and personal injury claims culture in the UK, according to the North Lincs Health and Safety Group’s chairman, Dave Jones.

Football player denied personal injury compensation

Even though a career-ending injury suffered by an up-and-coming football player was accompanied by a botched surgery, his bid for personal injury compensation was denied by a High Court judge.

North West teacher tops personal injury claims payout list

A teacher from the North West recently topped the personal injury compensation payout list for the largest settlement out of court, with newly released official figures revealing personal injury solicitors working overtime for teachers over the course of last year.

Personal injury solicitors secure £175k payment to injured man

A man who injured his right hand in a personal injury at work has recently been awarded £175,000 in compensation thanks to the efforts of his personal injury solicitors, it was recently revealed.

Reading woman makes claim on behalf of injured husband

One woman from Reading has enlisted the aid of personal injury solicitors to make a medical negligence claim on behalf of her husband after he sustained life changing brain damage from a surgical procedure, experts say.

PM says whiplash claims need to be curbed

Whiplash claims need to be curbed, David Cameron has recently said, with the prime minster vowing to take steps to rein in personal injury solicitors that are feeding the so-called ‘compensation culture’ in the UK by encouraging spurious personal injury claims, industry experts report.

Welsh firm fined by HSE after personal injury at work

After one of its employees suffered a personal injury at work from his impalement upon two steel bars, a Welsh manufacturing firm has been fined by the Health and Safety Executive, according to personal injury solicitors familiar with the incident.

Factory worker suffers personal injury at work in fall

One factory worker from Hertfordshire suffered personal injury at work in a fall from height as he worked to dismantle warehouse racking, according to personal injury solicitors familiar with the case.

Personal injury solicitors win injured woman £75,000

Personal injury solicitors for one woman who was injured in a fall at a city centre café have won her a personal injury compensation award of £75,000, industry experts recently reported.

Bubble wrap machine claims three fingers from employee

A bubble wrap machine in the factory of a global manufacturing company has claimed three fingers of an employee in a personal injury at work that saw the company prosecuted by the Government’s Health and Safety Executive, experts report.

Are personal injury solicitors to blame for high insurance?

MPs have said that personal injury solicitors may need to carry some responsibility for rising motor insurance costs in the UK, especially in instances of personal injury claims revolving around whiplash injuries.