No win no fee makes it hard to settle disputes,says judge

Personal injury solicitors who operate under a conditional fee arrangement such as ‘no win no fee’ may make it more difficult to settle disputes, according to one appeal court judge.

Former care worker hurts hand in personal injury at work

After she hurt her hand in a personal injury at work, a former care worker has made a personal injury compensation claim against her erstwhile employer, experts recently reported.

Leeds woman awarded £2k in personal injury compensation

One Leeds woman has received more than £2,000 in personal injury compensation in the wake of having bitten into a hard foreign object that had been embedded in an oven chip, according to her personal injury solicitors.

Mother of medical negligence claimant protests legal reforms

The other of a young boy who made a medical negligence claim for his cerebral palsy due to an oxygen deficiency during his delivery recently came out to protest the proposed governmental reforms to legal aid which could restrict the availability of ‘no win no fee’ conditional fee arrangements.

Council employees paid £228k in personal injury compensation

New figures have recently revealed that North Lincolnshire Council employees have been paid in excess of £228,000 in personal injury compensation over the past four years.

Personal injury solicitors launch claim for injured girl

Personal injury solicitors have recently launched a personal injury compensation claim on behalf of a young girl from South Tyneside after meeting with the girl’s mother, industry experts recently reported.

No win no fee lawyers fight hard for their clients, experts say

While no win no fee lawyers have been on the receiving end of a bit of grief recently thanks to the Government and news media bemoaning the rise of the so-called ‘compensation culture,’ these personal injury solicitors work hard to make sure their clients get the compensation they deserve.

Rangers legend seeks £50k in personal injury compensation

One Rangers legend has decided to seek £50,000 in personal injury compensation from a golf resort after falling from a ladder while at one of their courses, personal injury solicitors recently said.

Personal injury solicitors may inundate insurance brokers

Insurance brokers may be inundated by personal injury solicitors as poor economic conditions encourage larger number of people to report incidents in the hope of scoring personal injury compensation, one industry expert recently suggested.