Personal injury solicitors win big for injured council workers

Personal injury solicitors have won thousands of pounds for injured Leicestershire council workers over the past few years, according recently released official figures.

Personal injury solicitors support referral fee ban

Whilst the majority of personal injury solicitors are complaining about the government’s plans to ban claims management and insurance companies from selling victims details to lawyers, a couple have spoken out in favour of the proposals.

Straw calls for 50% cut in personal injury solicitors’ fees

Jack Straw, the former Home Secretary, wants to see the government cut in half the amount of money personal injury solicitors receive when they administer motor insurance injury claims.

Workers exposed to asbestos, contractor fined by HSE

After discovering that three workers have been exposed to asbestos fibres, the highly toxic substance linked to several respiratory ailments including the deadly lung cancer mesothelioma, their employer has been fined by the HSE.

Asbestos widow awarded personal injury compensation

After one woman lost her husband to mesothelioma, a particularly aggressive form of lung cancer linked to exposure to asbestos, personal injury solicitors for the widow have won her a £258,520 personal injury compensation award for her husband’s death.

Injury solicitors say child injured by falling streetlight

Personal injury solicitors recently said that one small child was seriously injured after a streetlight component fell and struck her on the head while the light was being serviced by an engineer.

Pallet company worker severs two fingers, say solicitors

According to personal injury solicitors familiar with the details surrounding with the incident, one West Yorkshire pallet firm employee partly severed two of his fingers whilst on the job.

Fatal personal injury at work suffered by one London handyman

One London handyman suffered a personal injury at work, prompting the Government’s Health and Safety Executive to prosecute the man’s employer, a wholesaler based in London.