Oxfordshire home of most expensive medical negligence payouts

New figures from the NHS reveal that Oxfordshire area hospitals are the most costly in the country when it comes to paying out on the medical negligence claims of patients.

Justice Minister explains no win no fee reforms

In a recent interview on BBC Radio 4, Justice Minister Jonathan Djanogly took the time to explain reforms to the no win no fee legal scheme in order to avoid the personal injury compensation culture from taking hold of the UK.

County Durham contractor severs 3 fingers, say injury solicitors

One County Durham contractor suffered a personal injury at work when he lost three of his fingers in an accident involving a band saw, say personal injury solicitors familiar with the incident.

Injured motorbike rider sues 2 schoolgirls for £300k

After suffering severe personal injury due to his collision with a van caused by avoiding two schoolgirls who had stepped out into his path, an injured motorbike rider has decided to sue the both of them for a total of £300,000 in personal injury compensation.

Girl hit by falling mirror, say personal injury solicitors

One young five year old girl was struck by a falling mirror whilst in the company of her mother at a high street fashion shop, say personal injury solicitors familiar with the case.

Personal injury solicitors report fine for Cumbrian firm

Personal injury solicitors recently reported that a Cumbrian packaging firm has been fined after two of its workers suffered serious personal injury at work due to being caught in a massive fireball.

Wiltshire teen claims £200k in medical negligence damages

After her GP neglected to properly diagnose her ear infection, one eighteen year old Wiltshire native from Warminster is seeking a £200,000 medical negligence compensation claim for damages.

Personal injury at work leads to £200k payout for nurse

A senior staff nurse’s personal injury at work, sustained by slipping on a Hampshire hospital’s wet floor, has recently led to a £200,000 personal injury compensation payout, personal injury solicitors say.