Dozens seek aid from personal injury solicitors in North Yorkshire

Dozens have rushed to seek aid from personal injury solicitors in York and North Yorkshire after a series of hip replacement surgeries have led to difficulty walking, swelling, and intense pain.

Taxpayers foot £27 million personal injury solicitor bill

After it was revealed that taxpayers have recently foot the bill for £27 million worth of personal injury compensation, the UK’s personal injury solicitors were firmly blamed for the heightened costs.

Personal injury claims at schools less-publicised

While some personal injury claims might be more publicised than others, one often overlooked personal injury compensation category has been that of payouts made by schools to pupils.

One no win no fee agreement described as grotesque

During a recent Court of Appeal ruling, one ‘no win no fee’ agreement between the victim of an uninsured driver and solicitors was recently referred to as grotesque in nature.

Photographer comes to personal injury solicitors’ rescue

One photographer operating out of the Teesside region has come to the aid of personal injury solicitors through her work.

Personal injury compensation costs South Wales councils £5m

Over the last four years, personal injury compensation for pavement and road injuries for injuries suffered on roads and pavements has cost £5 million to South Wales councils.

Government launches no win no fee consultation

The government has recently announced its launch of a legal consultation that may effect the “no win, no fee” style of personal injury compensation claims, something that could have serious repercussions for how civil litigation is funded and how costs are paid in both Wales and England.