Injury claims fraud: not just a lawyer problem by any means

Think that personal injury claims fraud is a lawyer problem? Think again; many times the problem is within exceedingly stupid potential fraudsters.

Several workers injured in Liverpool concrete incident

The employees of two separate construction companies suffered serious personal injury at work recently in an incident in Liverpool, at the John Moores University, involving 250 tonnes of concrete that collapsed suddenly when a scaffolding failed.

Personal injury solicitors feeling financial pressures

Personal injury solicitor firms are feeling the heat in the current economic landscape, as highlighted by the sudden death of one Manchester-based firm’s staff being made redundant and its ongoing cases sold on – while luckier firms face consolidation and market shake-ups instead.

Devon holiday park site of personal injury at work

A Devon holiday park was the site of a personal injury at work as one of its employees sustained serious physical harm when he was caught in a collapsing trench, personal injury solicitor experts recently reported.

Manufacturing worker suffers personal injury at work

The employee of a manufacturing firm based in Warwickshire suffered a personal injury at work after a power press crushed his hand, leading to the man’s employer to be prosecuted by the Government’s Health and Safety Executive, personal injury solicitor experts recently reported.

Costa Concordia survivor insulted by cruise discount offer

One survivor of the wreck of the Costa Concordia cruise ship expressed his insult at being offered a 30 per cent discount on a future cruise by Costa Cruises, the firm responsible for the ship, according to personal injury solicitor experts.

Tesco ordered to pay £44.5k in personal injury compensation

One major supermarket chain has been told it must pay a sum of £44,500 in personal injury compensation to an elderly shopper who sustained serious personal harm after being struck by a pallet truck at a Leicester branch.

Birmingham man found guilty of personal injury fraud

One man from Birmingham was found to have been attempting to defraud his car insurance company, resulting in his personal injury compensation claim being thrown out of court and being told to pay more than £24,000 in court costs for the chicanery, personal injury solicitor experts recently reported.

Worker loses fingers, HSE prosecutes employer

After an employee suffered a personal injury at work that saw him lose two of his fingers whilst on the job, the Government’s Health and Safety Executive prosecuted the man’s Cheshire-based employer, personal injury solicitor experts recently reported.

UK crowned ‘whiplash capital of Europe’

Thanks to the 1,500 personal injury claims made every day for loss of earnings and emotional and physical damage caused by car accidents, the UK has been crowned the ‘whiplash capital of Europe,’ personal injury solicitor experts say.