Wigan food processing worker suffers personal injury at work

One Wigan food processing firm worker recently sustained personal injury at work when her arm was caught in a machine for blanching potatoes, according to personal injury solicitor experts familiar with the case.

Minister stripped of personal injury solicitor regulation

Justice minister, Jonathan Djanogly, has been removed from position of responsibility in regulating personal injury solicitor firms that engage in ‘ambulance chasing’ behaviour due to a startling discovery, sources say.

Nail gun causes personal injury at work to one builder

The accidental discharge of a nail gun caused a personal injury at work to one builder, firing a six inch long nail deep into his back in the incident, personal injury solicitor experts say.

Personal injury solicitor speaks out on proposed new law

One personal injury solicitor from Shropshire recently spoke out on a newly proposed law, stating that it would not only reduce personal injury compensation levels but bar access to justice for road traffic accident victims.

Will governmental plans to end compensation culture backfire?

Personal injury solicitor experts have recently predicted that governmental plans to curtail the so-called ‘compensation culture’ in the UK will actually backfire, leading to an increase in the amount of ‘spurious’ personal injury claims being pursued by individuals.

78% of annual personal injury claims come from car crashes

78 per cent of the annual personal injury claims figures are comprised of people making road traffic accident related personal injury compensation claims, new official figures from the Government say.

Wrongful amputation could lead to £300k in medical negligence

After one police officer from Bournemouth had his leg amputated due to failings on the part of the hospital, he is now seeking as much as £300,000 in personal injury compensation for the medical negligence that saw him lose his leg.