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You don’t need to have a ‘special’ case to receive THOUSANDS in compensation!

One of the first questions we’re often asked is about compensation, and the potential payout for a successful¬†accident or injury claim. The truth is, NOBODY can give you an exact figure at this stage since the amount you receive will depend entirely on the specific circumstances involved.

We have however come up with the next best thing! Through many years of experience in this market, the personal injury solicitors team have created our very own claim calculator. This can be used as a guide to the likely compensation for a typical injury claim.

For a more comprehensive assessment, you can always request a FREE call back from a friendly claims specialist. And remember, by working with one of our pre-screened solicitors, you won’t pay a SINGLE PENNY to proceed with your claim since all of them have agreed to provide a No Win No Fee service. Not only that, you’re also¬†guaranteed¬†to keep the full 100% of any payout.

To use the calculator, simply click on a body part below to see the potential compensation award:

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