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If you’re looking to get an idea of the amount of compensation available, you’re going to want to read this page. The following ten people have two things in common. Firstly, they all TOOK ACTION by either requesting a call back or starting their claim online. Secondly, by choosing to work with one of our top 10 solicitors, they were ALL successful with their personal injury claim.

“Steve received £8,950 in compensation”

Steve Boden suffered a whiplash injury in July 2009 when the car he was driving was hit from behind by another vehicle. The incident happened while he was stationary at a roundabout near his home town in Bournemouth. The Personal Injury Solicitors team recovered almost £9,000 compensation for him, just 6 months after starting the case.

Steve Boden: Car accident. Bournemouth, UK

“Sue received £12,190 in compensation”

Sue Miller tripped and fell on a broken paving stone outside her local supermarket in August 2008. She fractured her right elbow and needed three operations over a 12 month period to repair it. She was also forced to take early retirement in January 2009. The Personal Injury Solicitors team recovered over £12,000 compensation for her.

Sue Miller: Accident in a public place. Newcastle, UK

“Denise received £18,750 in compensation”

Denise Gordon worked at an industrial cleaning company in South London. Part of her job involved stock talking which meant lifting heavy goods and supplies on a regular basis. After developing an acute repetitive strain injury to her lower back, Denise was awarded just under £20,000 compensation in March 2010.

Denise Gordon: Injury contracted through work. London, UK

“Ted received £27,140 in compensation”

In October 2009, Ted Foster was on the way to visit his daughter when he slipped and broke his left shoulder at a train station platform in Cambridge. The incident occurred as a direct result of a leaking roof which had been ignored by the railway station. The Personal Injury Solicitors team recovered over £27,000 in compensation for Ted.

Ted Foster: Accident in a public place. Cambridge, UK

“Katy received £6,570 in compensation”

Katy Hughes developed complications when a routine cosmetic procedure to her nose left her with breathing difficulties. She also developed a post-operative infection due to a lack of sufficient aftercare. The private clinic in question was forced to pay over £6,500 compensation to Katy, who has since undergone a second procedure.

Katy Hughes: Medical negligence. Cornwall, UK

“Hassan received £3,750 in compensation”

Hassan Mali was offered just £100 in compensation by the insurance company of the individual who crashed into the side of his car. He rejected the offer in September 2010, contacted one of our top 10 solicitors and has since received almost £4,000. The case took just 11 weeks from the initial call back to full cash settlement.

Hassan Mali: Car accident. Slough, UK

“Marie received £8,000 in compensation”

Office worker Marie Speak sustained head and upper back injuries in April 2010 when a ceiling strip light fell and hit her whilst she was sat at her desk. The incident occurred during routine maintenance work to the building’s air conditioning system. The Personal Injury Solicitors team recovered £8,000 in compensation for her.

Marie Speak: Accident at work. Peterborough, UK

“Tarun received £40,200 in compensation”

Tarun Bell suffered long term kidney damage when he contracted E-Coli after eating at a restaurant in London. The incident occurred in May 2009 when Mr. Bell ate a salad that contained the bacteria. After 8 months of litigation, he received over £40,000 in damages. The restaurant was also closed down on health and safety grounds.

Tarun Bell: Environmental health accident. London, UK

“Dan received £26,250 in compensation”

In November 2007, Dan Lewis fractured his right ankle whilst playing rugby for the Army. After the subsequent operation, which was carried out by an Army surgeon, Mr Lewis’ developed Arthritis in his ankle and never fully recovered. He received over £25,000 in compensation and was discharged from the Army on medical grounds.

Dan Lewis: Armed forces injury. Bath, UK

“Abbey received £4,790 in compensation”

Abbey Manian was involved in a car accident and suffered a whiplash injury in January 2010. She was a passenger in the back seat of a taxi that was hit from the side by a transit van. Miss Manian worked as a freelancer and was unable to work for three weeks following the accident. She later received almost £5,000 in compensation.

Abbey Manian: Car accident. Chester, UK

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