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Let me ask you a simple question. How does it make you feel knowing that you’ve been hurt or injured and suffered pain or financial hardship as a direct result of someone else’s negligence?

Perhaps you’ve had to take time off work to recover or maybe endured more longer term psychological issues such as stress and insomnia? No matter which way you look at it, the after effects of ANY personal injury – regardless of whether its body, mind or emotions – can be incredibly difficult to live with, particularly when those responsible are often able to get on with their day to day business as if it never happened.

Our no win, no fee guarantee

We know first hand EXACTLY how it feels to be on the receiving end of personal injury, which is why we’ve made it our business to ensure that YOUR personal injury claim is dealt with quickly and efficiently, whilst achieving the MAXIMUM compensation for you and your family. Not only that, we are able to put you in contact with some of the most respected personal injury solicitors in the UK, who will work for you on a NO WIN NO FEE basis.

That means that you can start your claim TODAY, without ever having to worry about how much it’s going to cost to instruct a solicitor. Or to put that another way, by filing out your details above, you’ll never pay a SINGLE PENNY in legal fees!

We have a LONG line of happy customers

We have successfully completed hundreds of personal injury claims over the years. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what people from all over the country are saying about our unique, friendly and ultra-efficient service:

“There was no charge whatsoever!”

To be completely honest, I was a little sceptical at first about your promise of a no win no fee service. For me, there’s nothing more frustrating than getting stung by hidden charges. I discussed the subject of payment with my solicitor and he reassured me that there would be no charge whatsoever to pursue my claim – and there wasn’t!

Darren Jones: Car accident (whiplash). London, UK

“I kept 100% of my £6,000 compensation”

I had a nasty fall at work which at the time was excruciatingly painful. After a short stay in hospital (and a month on crutches), I eventually decided to pursue a claim for damages against my employer. The entire process was expertly dealt with by my solicitor and, as promised, I also received the full 100% of my £6,000 compensation.

Maria Publow: Accident at work (broken ankle). Swindon, UK

“Nothing was too much trouble for you guys”

My insurance company put me in touch a couple of solicitors, but none of them seemed to care about getting justice for what had happened to me. Compensation is one thing, but holding people accountable is much more important. Your service was impeccable from day one and nothing was too much trouble for you guys.

Greg Peacock, Medical Negligence. Manchester, UK

Which of these services persuade you to claim TODAY?

  • No Win No Fee guarantee. Win or lose your claim, you don’t pay a penny to your solicitor
  • You receive the absolute maximum compensation that we are able to recover from the 3rd party
  • We will fast-track your claim and recover compensation in the SHORTEST POSSIBLE time
  • There are NO gimmicks, NO middle men and NO hidden charges
  • We will provide you with a FREE (no obligation) consultation in the next 60 seconds
  • Our solicitors have an average of over 20 years experience dealing with personal injury claims
  • Your case is kept entirely CONFIDENTIAL and will NEVER be shared outside our solicitors
  • If your claim is accepted, we can arrange a personal visit at your home or place of work
  • ALL of our solicitors are injury specialists and belong to the Solicitors Regulation Authority
  • We are also regulated by the Ministry of Justice in respect of claims management activities

Limited availability: maximum compensation

Unlike some personal injury companies, we are committed to recovering the maximum possible compensation for YOU.

By starting your claim today, you will be entitled to receive the maximum compensation recoverable for your injuries, by working with one of our pre-screened solicitors. However, due to the overwhelming demand for this feature, we are not entirely sure how long it will be available so we suggest you ACT NOW to avoid disappointment.

This is not some fake scarcity tactic to get you to make contact, this is a real limited offer due to the fact that the terms that we have negotiated with our solicitors are that good, they genuinely will not be around forever.

What are you waiting for? Act NOW!

We have painstakingly researched EVERY personal injury solicitor operating on the market today and compiled a small panel of the best solicitors this country has to offer. As well as our maximum compensation agreement, we have also negotiated exclusive NO WIN NO FEE terms to give you total peace of mind, and to ensure that you never have to worry about how much it’ll cost to proceed with your personal injury claim.

Rest assured, by filing out your details below, you are under NO OBLIGATION whatsoever to proceed with one of our solicitors. That being said, since each and every one of them have agreed to provide a FREE service regardless of the outcome of your claim, you’ve really got nothing lose by getting in touch.

Look at it this way, you can either just accept the fact that you’ve been subject to personal injury, or you can spend the next 10-15 minutes doing something about it. Pop your details onto the form provided below and one of our specialist advisors will be in touch in the next 60 seconds to discuss your claim.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.


The Personal Injury Solicitors Team

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