Nestlé employee suffers fatal personal injury at work

One Nestlé employee lost his life in a recent fatal personal injury at work that has led to massive fines for the company and could lead to an accident solicitor firm bringing suit on behalf of the slain man’s family, experts say.

Protect others and claim if you have a personal injury at work

A leading firm of personal injury solicitors has said that failure to make a claim for a personal injury at work could result in colleagues suffering a similar accident.

Personal injury solicitor speaks out on proposed new law

One personal injury solicitor from Shropshire recently spoke out on a newly proposed law, stating that it would not only reduce personal injury compensation levels but bar access to justice for road traffic accident victims.

Fatal personal injury at work suffered by one London handyman

One London handyman suffered a personal injury at work, prompting the Government’s Health and Safety Executive to prosecute the man’s employer, a wholesaler based in London.

Will reform of H&SE legislation lead to more accidents at work?

The government is proposing to simplify UK health and safety regulations but some personal injury solicitors think this could lead to an increase in the number of personal injury at work claims.

Personal injury at work victims often do not file a claim

Despite an increase in the number of companies offering to help people claim personal injury compensation, recent research shows that slightly fewer than 50% of personal injury victims do not make a claim.