Cash for crash schemes escalating, experts say

Injury solicitors say that criminals are stepping up their efforts when it comes to ‘cash for crash’ personal injury claims, with reports rolling in that fraudsters are filing buses with accomplices before colliding them with their own vehicles in order to maximise their whiplash payout.

Leicester man to make personal injury compensation claim

One man from Leicester is set to make a £250,000 personal injury compensation claim after he suffered a broken ankle during a day out at an amusement park, according to injury solicitors familiar with the case.

Injury solicitors are still busy dealing with accident claims

A man is considering lodging a claim for personal injury compensation after he had a personal injury at work that resulted in two of his fingers being amputated.

Should TV ads for personal injury solicitors be banned?

If you’re one of those people who get totally fed up with seeing adverts for personal injury solicitors springing up during the commercial breaks, you’re not alone!

Protect others and claim if you have a personal injury at work

A leading firm of personal injury solicitors has said that failure to make a claim for a personal injury at work could result in colleagues suffering a similar accident.

Personal injury at work suffered by Lincolnshire builder

One worker employed by a building company in Lincolnshire sustained serious personal injury at work when he drilled through a buried electric cable by accident and suffered serious electrical burns, personal injury solicitor experts recently reported.

Injury solicitors say child injured by falling streetlight

Personal injury solicitors recently said that one small child was seriously injured after a streetlight component fell and struck her on the head while the light was being serviced by an engineer.