Taxpayers foot £27 million personal injury solicitor bill

After it was revealed that taxpayers have recently foot the bill for £27 million worth of personal injury compensation, the UK’s personal injury solicitors were firmly blamed for the heightened costs.

One no win no fee agreement described as grotesque

During a recent Court of Appeal ruling, one ‘no win no fee’ agreement between the victim of an uninsured driver and solicitors was recently referred to as grotesque in nature.

Photographer comes to personal injury solicitors’ rescue

One photographer operating out of the Teesside region has come to the aid of personal injury solicitors through her work.

Legal Ombudsman now adjudicating personal injury claims

In news that is sure to resonate strongly with those facing problems concerning personal injury solicitors, a recent announcement regarding the availability of free help in resolving client complaints will soon be made available from a referee new to the industry.

Blame the claims farmers not the injury solicitors

Recently there’s been a lot of publicity about an increase in personal injury claims. However, a lot of media reports regarding No Win, No Fee cases and personal injury solicitors are misrepresented, according to an industry expert.

Explosion victims to claim personal injury compensation

In the wake of a legal dispute concerning liability for the event, a Shrewsbury gas explosion has resulted in several victims caught in the blast to file personal injury compensation claims.

Personal injury solicitor service company ISO Limited announces new firm to use its service

Insurance Services Office Limited, one of the UK’s leading personal injury solicitor service companies, recently issued a statement announcing that Cogent Law is to use its Personal Injury Claims Assessment Service.