Injury lawyers blamed for high costs as a distraction?

So it’s not news that people always blame personal injury solicitors for high legal costs, but could it be that the newest row is just a distraction tactic?

Medical negligence solicitors support retaining legal aid

A firm of medical negligence solicitors, based in Oxford, has expressed its support for the House of Lords peers who do not want the government to stop medical negligence claimants receiving legal aid.

Increase in use of SSRIs = more medical negligence claims

Personal injury solicitors could find themselves dealing with a deluge of medical negligence claims after medical experts warned that doctors are not explaining to their patients that they can suffer withdrawal symptoms when they stop using antidepressants.

Serious medical negligence in NW NHS Foundation Trust

Distraught families in the north west of England are making use of the services provided by personal injury solicitors after several of them decided to sue the University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust for serious medical negligence.

EU rules are bad news for the health of UK patients

A House of Lords committee has claimed that EU rules are putting patients at an unacceptable level of risk, a situation that could see more medical negligence cases being filed against the NHS.

Surgeon costs NHS £1 million and he’s still working for them!

A hospital trust in Yorkshire has already paid £1 million in personal injury compensation to ten patients that underwent surgery which went seriously wrong. It now faces an additional 85 complaints in what is set to become one of the largest medical negligence claims against one individual surgeon.

£13 million compensation paid out by Oxford Hospital Trust in 2010

Oxfordshire hospitals cost the NHS more in medical negligence compensation last year than any other area of England.