Children’s book creator prevails on medical negligence case

One children’s book creator has prevailed on he recent medical negligence case, winning a personal injury compensation award of £250,000 for a laser eye surgery that went terribly wrong, leaving her with permanently blurred vision.

Medical negligence payments soar in 2010-2011 financial year

Medical negligence payments made in the 2010-2011 financial year soared, according to the NHS Litigation Authority, with legal experts making the suggestion that the number of personal injury compensation cases in which medical negligence played a part during that period of time has risen by a substantial margin.

North Cumbria NHS Trust admits medical negligence

The North Cumbria NHS Trust was recently sent home with its tail between its legs, after being forced to admit medical negligence in a case involving a woman being administered a dose of labour-inducing drug that was a mind-boggling 32 times stronger than normal, leading to a heart attack and a ruptured uterus.