Cumbrian motorcyclist files for personal injury compensation

A motorcyclist who received injuries when he hit a pothole and was flung from his motorbike is filing a case for personal injury compensation against Cumbria County Council. The biker, Paul Quayle, sustained cracked ribs and a suspected broken collarbone in the accident.

Only 6% of us are aware of our personal injury rights

Local councils paid out £2.25m last year for personal injuries sustained in classrooms, playgrounds and sports fields, according to new figures released under the Freedom of Information Act.

Government backing new anti-ambulance chaser adverts

The Government has recently indicated it will be providing backing for curbing overly aggressive adverts for “ambulance chaser” personal injury solicitor firms in addition to instituting prosecution protection for so-called “good Samaritans.”

Can you claim personal injury compensation after a dog bite?

According to DEFRA, a quarter of a million people in the UK are bitten by a dog and around 3,800 of them need to attend an accident and emergency department for treatment after the attack.

Text walkers are putting their lives in danger

Is our own stupidity putting us at risk of personal injury? There are many obstacles out there just waiting to injure us but if we were a bit more vigilant we could just prevent accidents that lead to lengthy personal injury claims.

Personal injury solicitor appointed to the Isle of Man

Offshore legal firm Appleby recently announced the appointment of personal injury solicitor Mr Tim Swift to an associate position of its insolvency and litigation team located on the Isle of Man.

NICB releases new personal injury claims data for 2009

The National Insurance Crime Bureau recently released new data detailing questionable personal injury claims for last year, examining many medical claims suspected to be fraudulent that had been referred to the NICB by its membership in 2009.

Personal injury solicitor service company ISO Limited announces new firm to use its service

Insurance Services Office Limited, one of the UK’s leading personal injury solicitor service companies, recently issued a statement announcing that Cogent Law is to use its Personal Injury Claims Assessment Service.