Will the legal aid really improve things for accident victims?

We keep hearing about a personal injury compensation culture in the UK and now the Ministry of Justice believes the new legal aid bill will rid the country of ambulance-chasing lawyers.

New no win no fee proposals minor step in right direction

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers has welcomed the House of Lords’ decision to exempt industrial disease victims from the no win no fee proposals in the new Bill currently being debated in Parliament.

Secretary seeks injury compensation from personal injury solicitors

A Scottish secretary is claiming personal injury compensation from her employer, a firm of personal injury solicitors, after she fell down the office stairs and broke her wrist.

Legal fees total six times personal injury compensation award!

Lord Neuberger, the Master of the Rolls, has slammed the system that allows personal injury solicitors to charge fees of £74,000 when the compensation awarded to their client was less than £13,000.

Medical negligence solicitors support retaining legal aid

A firm of medical negligence solicitors, based in Oxford, has expressed its support for the House of Lords peers who do not want the government to stop medical negligence claimants receiving legal aid.